Ethiopian Chamber Academy (ECA) emerged as a national training provider in March 2014 destined to serve chamber and association leaders, managers, and professionals to further their professional development and build their capacity to lead and operate within their organizations. The most notable elements that have contributed to the formation of the ECA include:

  • The development of 17 courses and their translation into local vernacular;
  • The training of 29 Ethiopian trainers on 13 different topics through two training programs.
  • The training received through the International Organization for Management (IOM) training program sponsored by the U.S. Chamber Foundation and a study tour organized in the United States.


The Academy’s official launch ceremony was held on March 25, 2014 at the Elilly International Hotel. The attendees included a host of foreign ambassadors, government representatives, members of international development organizations, ECCSA partners, and other stakeholders.

                     Launching Ceremony of the Chamber Academy

As a training wing of ECCSA, ECA organizes a variety of training programs to improve the skills of Chamber and association leaders, managers, and professionals throughout the business community. As a result, the Academy has been able to obtain the necessary training and organizational experience as well as build their network of a wide range of industry experts, leading practitioners and consultants.


  • To strengthen the leadership and management skills of the Ethiopian Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) especially Chambers and Sector-based Associations.
  • To establish a standard for professional association management through its certification program
  • To create platforms to share best practices and experiences among Ethiopian Chambers, Associations and other membership based organizations on areas of Leadership and Management activities.


  • The ECA has competent, experienced, and receptive in-house staff who are responsible for organizing trainings, follow-up and monitoring training events;
  • The Academy has maintained a network of industry experts, practitioners, and consultants with professional experience and the educational background to engage in training delivery;
  • The ECA has a well-located training room on ECCSA premises with all of the necessary facilities and training resources;
  • The training programs that ECA provides have benefited from study-tours to the United States to participate in the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Institute of Organizational Management and a strong international network focused on building capacity for chambers and association members throughout the USA;
  • The ECA is becoming an industry leader in Leadership and Governance trainings across the business sector;
  • The Academy established an Advisory Board to oversee the effectiveness and financial sustainability of the academy.

Chamber Academy’s Past Accomplishments

The following courses are some of the training programs organized for Chamber and association board members, leaders, managers, other professionals and the entire business community as part of the Academy’s primary role:

  • Association Governance
  • Association Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Membership Development
  • Financial Management for Non- Finance Managers
  • Export Risk Management
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Result-based Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Organizational Development & Management
  • Advocacy
  • Events Organization & Management
  • Arbitration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Resources Mobilization
  • Business Agenda
  • Communication and Research for Advocacy
  • Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Service.
  • Business Environment Scanning
  • Business Reporting
  • Media Utilization for Advocacy
  • Income Generating Services
  • Business Advocacy

Up to now, the Academy has been able to train 911 individuals from Addis Ababa and the different regions since establishment.


Ethiopian Chamber Academy will be the most competitive and dependable training service provider by 2025 while hoping trainees to discharge their responsibilities effectively at their work places.


To be the most reliable, efficient and up-to-date training service provider in areas of management and business to chambers, associations and business professionals acclaimed for best of quality, least cost, ease of accessibility, and highest level of commitment


  • Best customer service
  • Professional-excellence
  • Highest level of commitment and teamwork
  • Continuous improvement in quality & standards
  • Increased adherence to experience and knowledge sharing
  • Innovation and creativity

Contact Details

Ethiopian Chamber Academy (ECA)

  • Mexico Square, ECCSA Building, 7th Floor, Rm. No. 717/718
  • 251-115-311080
  • +251-115-517699