Ethiopian Chamber Academy (ECA) emerged as a national training provider in March 2014 destined to serve chamber and association leaders, managers, and professionals to further their professional development and build their capacity to lead and operate within their organizations. The most notable elements that have contributed to the formation of the ECA include:

  • The development of 17 courses and their translation into local vernacular;
  • The training of 29 Ethiopian trainers on 13 different topics through two training programs.
  • The training received through the International Organization for Management (IOM) training program sponsored by the U.S. Chamber Foundation and a study tour organized in the United States.
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Chamber and Association Certification Program

The program consists of Core and Electives courses. The mandatory Core Courses ensure that trainees understand the fundamental elements needed to develop effectively as chamber leaders, managers, and employees.

Governance Training (Association & Corporate)

Board Governance focuses on how associations and organizations agree upon and enact their strategic framework, as well as how they ensure that they successfully achieve their organizational objectives.

Leadership Training

This training program is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge of effective leadership to current and aspirational leaders from an array of chambers, associations and organizations.

Management and Technical Trainings

This training program is designed to provide the necessary management and technical skills and knowledge to management, professional, and technical staff members of business organizations.

Tailor-Made Training Programs

Tailor-made training interventions can be made up of any one or combinations of the courses offered under the other training programs indicated above.




Training Venues

There is a high degree of flexibility with respect to logistical arrangements of training venues. We always respect your choice and conveniences in this regard.

  • The chamber academy has a training room with all the necessary facilities and training resources; OR
  • The training venue can be arranged elsewhere based on choice of Clients.

The Chamber Academy wishes to meet your demands and do so flexibly and responsively. In this respect the academy will work closely with you to make sure that your needs are met.

Registration and Contact Information

The downloadable Registration form must be completed and sent to us via email or post using the contact information listed below.

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The training and the trainer approach is very open, well prepared and so nice. i hope this kind of training should be organized and given continuously.
I appreciate the trainer and believe i have acquired a great deal of knowledge out of it.
I would like to thank for the training and forward, it is interesting and purposeful.


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Ethiopian Chamber Academy (ECA)

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